AL Yassin Weaving and Textile & Garments

A competent Garment Manufacturer located in United Arab Emirates,
forcing on fresh creations and commercially aware garments,
denim and scarves


AL YASSIN is one of the global leading Fashion manufacturers of garments, denim and scarves, established in 1977. Our Company produces designs that represent the inspirational interests and lifestyles of people on every continent for the brands. With this development, we are now creating and producing our own collections for global retail brands backed up by 40 years of local and international production experience.

We strongly believe in the significance of innovation, sustainability and social compliance. These fundamental criteria are crafted into each product.

Imagination develops the creativity of our designers and washing experts. We encourage them to be free on focusing product design and innovation.

Concerning fashion trend follow up; our designers, washing R&D, fabric procurement and sales teams visit key markets, fairs and shows all around the world. Transformation and Inspiration led it to our business.

With the heart and hard work of our creative designers, rapid prototyping in our sample house and our sales force, we develop 2,000 unique styles each year for our customers.

Our extensive network for global sourcing and procurement empowers us to produce competitive, qualified and value-added products on time. We provide flexible short lead-time services with regular production (5-6 weeks) and super-fast production (3-4 weeks) for our customers to drive their success on a higher level.

Each step of our production is carefully observed to assure the required standards of craftsmanship, quality and reliability. We take action to do the right thing and hold responsibility for our decisions, operations and products in the best interest of our customers.

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Al Yassin builds better business, with the continuous support of our partners we are able to help our clients identify and deliver the best product, services and support.

Our Products

Time, Quality and Service

Today, from designing vintage styles to the development of new innovative products, we are proud to be known as a producer for the most brands in the Garments Industry. We are the best creative choice of garment manufacturing in United Arab Emirates

  • Committed value-added service with experienced team in design and production.
  • Oversee the market demands, follow the trends and translate this knowledge to our customer’s business.
  • Share the experience and market know how to fulfill the specific needs in collections.
  • Source the best fabrics and trims to design right products that are also optimized on price and quality.
  • Lead-time performance in flexible manufacturing systems Embrace our duty to raise the bar for sustainable fashion industry.


“We produce quality standard and innovative denim through the combined high standard production and global fashion trends”

As one of the leading garment manufacturing companies serving an array of brands and buyers. Operating with a commitment to providing quality, competitive pricing and on-time delivery, the company has made a mark among the international trend setters.



“Embrace the style, quality and ethics”


We designs and sells scarves according to the latest trends, becoming a reference point for influential brands and buyers. It is a center of true excellence conceived to leverage the cultural and technological knowledge of the silk industry in United Arab Emirates. With a passion for fashion and the goal of filling this gap in mind, our endeavors have been unrelenting to bring forth the most beautiful scarves that anyone could wear with pride and that would characterize and augment their beauty.‚Äč



“ Time, Quality and Service”

Ensuring our customers expectations to be provided in time with our quality policy implemented at all levels and services pledge to our valued customers to provide satisfaction with the help of our dynamic and highly motivated team, Al Yassin is considered as one of the leading manufacturer of Garments in UAE.
Varieties of Garments such as socks, bed sheets and jackets assures no less than high quality materials that surely meets our customers expectations.


Throw yourself into some work you believe in with all you heart,live for it, die for it,and you will find happiness that you hadthought could never be yours.

We in Al Yassin not only value our customers but also "OUR PEOPLE". We truly believe that it takes more than just paying wages for a company to show it's value of their PEOPLE. We see everyone as a family and always assure that everyone is purely motivated through recognition and continuous interaction setting a more relaxed environment and intact delegation to work.



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P.O Box : 4567
21st Street LEETAG,
Old Industrial Area,
Al Ain, United Arab Emirates


Al Yassin Weaving and Textile & Garments Industry LLC
P.O Box : 4567
21st Street LEETAG,
Old Industrial Area,
Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

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